History of the Self Portrait and the Selfie


Caravaggio · The Incredulity of Saint Thomas · 1601 · Bildergalerie · Potsdam

Caravaggio  ·  The Incredulity of Saint Thomas  ·  1601  ·   Bildergalerie  ·  Potsdam

Caravaggio depicts Tommaso realistically: furrowed brow, curved back and disgusting nail. His impiety seems to have infected the others two disciples, careful observers of the scene. Among  the looks of characters whose heads form a cross, the only wrong about the direction is that of the more suspicious among the apostles: it aims higher and to the left respect to the wound of Christ. Into the void. Is not true that Tommaso does not belive until he does not see but he does not belive because he does not see.  © Graziano Spinosi



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